How to Relieve Headaches

Different types of headaches somehow affect all of us for different reasons. You can read about methods that can help you to get rid of your headaches in this article.

There are many types of headaches. People have to cope with headaches for various reasons. While headaches are a rare discomfort for some us, it is a constant problem for others. Of course, independently of how frequently we experience this problem, each of us wants the same thing: getting rid of headaches. Headaches are complicated as much as they are common. Sometimes, they can be a sign or symptom of an underlying health issue. Sometimes, their exact reason can’t be known. First of all, if headaches are a huge problem for you and you don’t have a health issue that may cause them, consult with your doctor. To get rid of, or at least to improve your headaches, you can employ the methods we have compiled in this article. We wish you headacheless days!

What to Do to Get Rid of Headaches

Use an Ice Pack

Headache Ice Pack

Migraine is one of the common reasons of headaches. If you experience migraine headaches, you can use ice packs. It doesn’t have to be a “real” ice pack. The objective is to apply coldness on your forehead. You can wrap ice cubes with a towel, or you can even use a pack of frozen peas from your freezer. All you need to do is apply the ice pack on your forehead. But don’t do this for longer then 15 minutes at a time. You can apply it for 15 minutes, give a 15-minute break then apply it for 15 minutes again until your headache improves. Also, taking a cold shower may help.

Use a Hot Water Bottle

Hot Water Bag

The most frequently encountered headache type for adults is tension headaches. They are mostly caused by stress. If you experience tension headaches, you can use hot water bottles. Apply it on your neck or the back of your head. Hot water bottles may also be beneficial against sinus headaches. You can apply them where you feel the pain. Also, taking a hot shower may improve these kinds of headaches.

Dim the Lights

Retro Light Bulbs

Bright light or flickering lights may trigger migraine headaches. To be exposed to bright light inside or outside, or looking at the bright screens of electronic devices can cause this kind of headaches. The solution is to decrease the amount of light you are exposed to. When you are outside, you can wear sunglasses. When you are at home, you can use blackout curtains during the day and use a lighting setting that doesn’t discomfort you. You can dim the brightness of electronic device screens or change their color settings.


Relax on Bed

Relaxing may improve your headache. Routinely performing relaxing activities can decrease the frequency of tension headaches by decreasing your stress level. You can practice activities such as yoga or meditation to relax.

Consume Caffeine

Coffee Cups

Caffeine can improve headaches. You can consider drinking tea or coffee. Caffeine can also increase the efficiency of some over-the-counter pain relievers. But try to consume it in a controlled manner. Consuming too much caffeine can lead to headaches in addition to causing various discomforting symptoms.

Take Medication

Headache Pills

Some over-the-counter pain relievers are effective against some types of headaches. If you are not sure which medication you should take, consult with your doctor or pharmacist. Pain relievers may help but avoid takin them too much or too frequently. Frequent consumption of pain relievers may cause headaches when you stop taking them. Taking more than you should may cause health issues or side effects.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe