Landscape Photography
Landscape Photography

How to Take Great Photos

Important tips to take awesome photographs.

Photography is a technique of producing images, which has been constantly evolving as a way for us human beings to express themselves since its invention. Photography means creating images using the light.

Photography was born when Joseph Nicephore Niepce has produced an image on a light-sensitive surface during the first half of 1800s. This first “photograph” was produced using light and chemical methods with an 8-hour exposure. This image which was named as “View from the Window at Le Gras” has become the first photograph in the history.

Since 1800s, photography has evolved tremendously. Today, you don’t need an 8-hour exposure to take a photograph. Everything happens in seconds, in a digital environment. There have been many developments since the invention of photography. Advancing technology has changed the ways we take and process photographs.Today, we can take photos using various tools including mobile phones. Because a huge amount of photos are produced, the average quality is decreasing. If you want to produce photographs using better techniques, there are crucial point that you need to know.

Tips for Taking Awesome Photographs

If you want to take good photos, the first thing you need to do is have proper knowledge about the device you use. Whether it is a camera or a mobile phone, you need to understand the technical specifications of the device you use. The user manual of your device will provide necessary information.

If you obtain basic level knowledge about the key subjects of photography, you get one step closer to take good photographs. These key subjects of photography include diaphragm, exposure time, ISO, depth of field, focal length, and white balance.


You need proper exposure to achieve good photography. Therefore, you need to understand how you should use light, and you need to have an idea about natural and artificial light sources.

If you are using sunlight, you can produce more balanced images during the morning or afternoon when the sunlight hits the ground with softer angles. The sunlight that hits the ground with right angles during the noon creates sharper shadows. If you are using artificial light sources, using a 45-degree angle will cause a more balanced light distribution.


A proper understanding of photography composition will be valuable while you are designing your photos. If you are shooting portraits, you can create an impressive image by allowing space on the gazing direction. For portraits, you can focus on the eyes to produce good photos.


Seizing the moment is a valuable approach to produce beautiful photos. Because everything natural has a distinct value, the effects of the natural flow will make your photographs interesting. Being able to reflect the sense of rhythm in your photos will add a feeling of movement to your photos. You can try to determine repeating visual patterns to take this kind of impressive photos.


If you want to take awesome photos, you definitely need to broaden your perspective. When you look at what everybody looks at, but you see something they don’t, creativity gets on the stage. You can find different and beautiful appearances by photographing the object from above, below or different directions.


Having proper knowledge about colors is a strong advantage while shooting photos. You can highlight the object you are photographing by using contrasting colors. For example, you can focus on a yellow leaf with a black background.


If you want to improve your skills, you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Your mistakes are true helpers which will lead you to success.


Skyline should be straight in landscape photos and similar works. If it is curved, the visual balance may be disrupted unless this is intentional. You can use the rule of thirds to achieve a balanced positioning.


One of the fundamental principles of proper photography is the simplicity. A noncomplex photograph is a direct and clear expression.


If you want to take awesome photos, first you need to improve your skills. You can study the photographs of successful photographers. Sometimes you can be inspired by them. Your journey might start with imitation. But in time, you will see your style is being shaped step by step.


Remember that what you need to take successful landscape photos is to be able to create a proper feeling of depth and dimension. The light is what creates the feeling of depth and dimension. As the sun rises, the feeling of depth and dimension diminishes in the illuminated areas. If you want to take landscape photographs, work during the hours when the sunlight hits the ground with lower angles. Don’t forget that what makes the photographs magical is the light. A photograph in which light was not utilized properly is not a photograph of great worth.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe